Allison Eden Designer Vinyl Flooring Collection

As one of the foremost glass mosaic artists in the world Allison Eden has cemented herself as an icon in hospitality and luxury residential design. It’s hard to go to Vegas without seeing her signature bold kaleidoscope style splashed across casinos like the Cosmopolitan, Wynn and Circa Resort and Casino.

Walking down 59th St. outside Bloomingdale’s in New York City her work will grab your eye decorating some of the most famous retail windows in the world, while on the high seas you’ll find her mosaics aboard Royal Caribbean and Norwegian luxury cruise lines and her tile has been infused into numerous celebrities' homes including, Elton John and Rihanna.

Over thirty years of designing mind blowing mosaics has created some of the most colorful and iconic patterns in the design industry that Allison is now bringing to life with Graphic Image Flooring via luxury vinyl manufactured in the US with the Allison Eden Designer Vinyl Flooring Collection.

Allison Eden Designer Vinyl Flooring Collection
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