Yes more than floors!

Sometimes we get requests to use our custom printed vinyl flooring for something other than floors. We say why not if it is an appropriate use. Chair Mats, Table Top Covers, Back Lit Music Displays and even Game Pieces are all within the realm of what we can do. 

Chair Mats & Table Top covers work great on hard surfaces with our non-skid backer on them. Incredibly durable, easy to clean and will hold up to 1,000 lbs. per sq.in. making them sure to outlast most competitive products. 

Back Lit or Bottom Lit displays come to life with a special print process to block out light from some areas but allow light to shine through in others. If you are looking for a super durable floor covering for your next stage or exhibit Graphic Image Flooring is your source. 

Technical & Installation Information

Specialty Custom Printed Vinyl Examples
Chair Mat Floating Under Computer
Drum Machine 3
Big Piano® 2 octave, 4-octave or 6-octave keyboard
Fashion Walk 1
Big Piano Delivery New York 5th Avenue
Drum Machine 4
Onitama Game Board 5
Onitama Game Board 1
PK Chair Mat
Vanity chair mat
Pinecrest School Mats 3
Mammoth Catan Game 1
Mammoth Catan Game 2
Mammoth Catan Game Pieces 2
Miami Children's Museum Interactive Orchestra 2
Miami Children's Museum Interactive Orchestra 1
Music Makers Studio 7