Stage, Theater & Film

We have been honored over the years to appear on many stages and theaters throughout the United States. There are too many to list here but from east to west we’ve been there. The simple benefit is using our Endurance Flooring it can be rolled into place, stays put without adhesives in many cases, making it easier to roll up and store.

When it comes to film time is money. Actors, production crews, and others standing around all add to costs. On a recent project we provided two of the exact floors. The first went down and remained in place. The second went on top of padding in the space for the stunt team. The “crime” occurred in the space, floor and padding was removed, and filming resumed without skipping a beat. A current Hulu series “The Bear” uses our flooring, can you spot it?

COPA America Stage 7
Pantera World Tour Berber Rugs
Moroccono Stage in Production
Mosaic Theater of DCS
NBA 2K Stage 1
Hozier Main Stage 2024 in Production