Long Beach Terminal Project Overview

Occasionally we get project that helps tell the world what Graphic Image Flooring is capable of. The Long Beach Terminal in California for Carnival Cruise Lines is just such a project and we could not be more pleased with how it turned out. 

In late summer of 2017 we were contacted by a great architectural firm in Florida who was working on the new Long Beach Terminal in California. This is the same space that Howard Hughes build his famous wood plane the Spruce Goose. 

The Vision:

Carnival Cruise Lines, the designer & architect combined to create a realistic exterior feel inside complete with park benches and a sand feature. Designers will understand that flooring that looks like grass, a boardwalk and yes even sand is nothing standard. With the goal of opening by the end of the year the question of lead time is where Graphic Image Flooring comes in with our custom printed commercial vinyl flooring.

  • Boardwalk: Working with the architect we created wood that resembled the boardwalk that you would find outside on a peer. 
  • Sand: Within the boardwalk are two areas that were going to be sand, then moved to treated concrete and eventually finalizing on our vinyl. The only challenge was to get the correct coloring for the space. 
  • Grass: This was the greater challenge to find images that were realistic and could be repeated for thousands of square feet. Too long and it does not work and too short it looks like AstroTurf and nobody wants that! Eventually we created just the right image and then the work began to again create 10’ x 46’ rolls that the installer could use for the large arched design in the space. 


We are fortunate to work with some great installers throughout the country and Commercial Interior Resources in Irvine CA has been one of the best. Old concrete mixed with new concrete and all the ground moisture issues in California all must be handled to ensure a successful final installation. The team nailed every aspect!

Long Beach Birdseye View
Long Beach Grass In Progress

The Results:

The result was more than 20,000 sq.ft. of custom printed vinyl flooring with production a quick 3 weeks from go to shipping.

The architects direct comments after installation were:

"I'm really happy with how it turned out - everyone did an incredible job!! I'm blow away...very beautiful." 

Long Beach-Terminal-3