Graphic Image Flooring Installation


Installation of Graphic Image Flooring material is very similar to any other rollout vinyl flooring on the market today. If you are a vinyl installer by profession you will be able to complete installations with confidence. If you are a homeowner you may still be able to complete the installation, though we do recommend the use of a professional installer. 

Graphic Image Flooring is like the dog that don't bite

This is an actual quote from John B. an installer located in Texas when installing our vinyl flooring for the first time. What he meant is that is sounds complicated or intimidating but is really not. He completed one of our more complex projects for an event company. Quite simply other than being a non-backed material the practice of installing is the same as a linoleum or resilient floor that you may find at your flooring store. A keen attention for detail for pattern matching is the one other skilled area. 

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