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Companies like Barrett-Jackson, Mother’s Polishes, Ford, Dodge and Shelby have a lot at stake when it comes to their brand. That’s why they trust Swisstrax, a leading innovator in premium modular floor tiles and custom floor designs. 

Transform your brand while elevating the appearance of your showroom, warehouse, shop or garage with a premium floor tile.

Toughest Commercial Flooring

Flooring tiles are the perfect way to enhance the look of your business. Our commercial flooring tiles are easy to install, easy to maintain and designed to last. Customize the color or pattern of your floor or add a company logo right into the tiles.

Premium Durability

Don’t waste time and money on epoxy, floor paint or low quality floor tiles. Invest in a premium industrial grade tile engineered to endure the harsh conditions of commercial use.

Superior Design

Swiss engineered and manufactured in North America. Swisstrax commercial flooring tiles are ultra thick, with extra connectors and the only tile handcrafted with a four point injection mold. 

Ultimate Protection

Rest assured, you and your floor are protected with a 15-year warranty. The warranty isn’t prorated, has no restocking fees and no hassles.

Hildebrand Concessions
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"We fell in love with the Swisstrax flooring after seeing it first hand at the Street Machine Nationals Car Show in St. Paul Minnesota. We operate a number of concession stands and are very active throughout the year. We were searching for something that would enhance our appearance, be easy to install and take apart as well as easy to maintain. We chose Ribtrax tiles and could not be happier. It took us from a really good stand to a great stand."

Hildebrand Concessions

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