Swisstrax vs. Epoxy

Bottom line. Epoxy Doesn’t Protect.

When you want a look that will stand the test of time, our tiles rise to the challenge and exceed expectations. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty or a 7-15 year warranty, we have been known to be called upon when an epoxy floor has become unsightly from wear and use over time. From stains to cracks in the concrete, epoxy floors can endure imperfections from many situations post-application.

With Swisstrax tiles, you’ll always have a great looking floor that is as easy to install as it is to clean. Our tiles are low maintenance, using a hose or pressure washer will keep your tiles looking great for years.  Unlike epoxy floors, they don’t need a multi-day layered install process. Typical standard sized garages can be transformed in hours by almost anyone.


Feature Swisstrax Epoxy Floor Covering
15 Year Warranty Yes No
No toxic fumes or hazardous materials Yes No
No surface preparation including acid washing Yes No
Installs within hours Yes No
Not affected by moisture  Yes No
Not affected by motor oils or car fluids Yes No
Not affected by most acids and solvents including Skydrol Yes No
Not affected by salt or magnesium chloride Yes No
Unaffected by new or existing foundation concrete cracks Yes No
Not affected by hot tires or tire marks Yes No
Can easily replace any part of the floor if damaged Yes No
UV stabilizer build in material and color Yes No
Incorporated self-channeling system for drainage Yes No


Your Floor Stays with You

Your garage flooring is an investment. Swisstrax can be disassembled with ease to take with you to your next residence. As a modular tile, you can add or subtract as needed to customize the next space you want to show off your style.

Applying Epoxy Floor Paint

Not only does epoxy paint not protect your floor, it wears fast. It can begin bubbling immediately or soon after its application. If you paint your own floor, without a professional to guarantee the application, it will wear even faster.

Epoxy Floor Paint Warranty

Epoxy floor paints have limited 3-5 year warranties when applied and finished by professionals. Swisstrax is DIY in hours, and includes a lifetime limited warranty or a 7-15 year warranty, fully backed by the company who makes it.