Watermelon Water

Super-Secret Method Behind This Trade Show Floor

We have worked with the founders of Watermelon Water on several vinyl trade show floors but this time it was a little different. They wanted a basketball court for their next upcoming food products show. Easy right? Well not quite.


First, of all who plays basketball on a watermelon? Second, what it up with those colors? The colors needed to be very vibrant and eye catching beyond what most printers are able to complete. New inks are arriving to the market all the time but at least two of the colors are not yet available.


The solution was surprisingly simple yet complex; vinyl. Because our flooring is 1.9 mm thick clear vinyl and we print your graphic on the underside to protect it from wear it provided us a cool option. Standard vinyl that you see all over the place in signage is available in very bright fluorescent colors.

In this case we were able to print all of the standard areas and then apply the correct vinyl colors to the bottom areas where we just did not print. This combination of print and vinyls creates one of the cooler floors around.

Customer Comment:

"We have been extremely satisfied with the quality service and attention to detail we’ve experienced with Tim and his team at Graphic Image Flooring. Not only have custom printed vinyl trade show floors come out perfectly (we’ve received compliments at trade shows for the high-quality watermelon skin floor they produced for us), but they’ve also been extremely willing to support our customized and fast-turn around requests, all with reasonable prices!

We give them my highest recommendation."

Watermelon Water Printed Vinyl Trade Show Flooring
Watermelon Water 2
Watermelon Water Trade Show Booth Flooring