Texas Sized Change

Give an office that looks like cafeteria squares to a true Texas girl and you have a complete mismatch of style, character, and creativity. Well this country girl was ready for something new in a Texas sized away.... BIG! 

We started with some simple initial conceptions or woods and maps. She wanted something that really stood out and showed off what she was all about. Working with our designer there were about 5-6 rounds of back and forth until we really had it dialed in. We started with some plain old wood and that was not quite it. Then we used some Texas maps and still, nope not there. We eventually moved to what we see here. 

The Material:

Using our 75-mil commercial vinyl flooring the graphic is digitally printed layer on the underside with a nice water based satin finish top coat. The flooring is durable enough to drive a truck on it though we are not sure it would fit in the office. 

The Installation:

The install is a Taylor MS Plus Resilient full spread adhesive and because it is just two pieces there was only one seam. The seam is sealed nicely with a Johnsonite Cold Weld. Total install time was approximately 3 hours from start to finish.

While our customer was off at her meetings during the day we completely transformed the office. 

We hope you will agree that will just a little creativity the result was like nothing you have ever seen. So, what's in your office? 

A Layered Approach For An Incredible Result
  • Layer 1 - Chainsaw wood from a tree
  • Layer 2 - Reclaimed wood from a barn
  • Layer 3 - 1908 Vintage Texas map 
Amy's Office Finished & Furnished
FASTSIGNS Commercial Vinyl Flooring Install
Amy's Office Before 3.1
Amy's Office Complete