Swallowtail Farm Collection

The Swallowtail Farm collection consists of fourteen different patterns, all featuring plants and flowers. The original concept for this collection was to create patterns for healthcare interiors with a deeper meaning. We wanted the patterns in this collection to be more than just pretty florals. We wanted the florals to have a message of healing, even if it was a hidden message. To do this, we consulted with herbalist Lauren Pignatello to learn more about plants that were traditionally used for medicinal purposes. Next, we sketched out motifs and used those motifs to create patterns. Ultimately, the finished patterns were colored to coordinate with Sherwin-Williams’ healthcare color palettes. This makes it super easy for interior designers to match these patterns to palettes for their healthcare interior projects.

All the patterns coordinate with each other, but also each has a companion pattern that works perfectly. These pairs share names too. One has the common name for the plant, and the other is its scientific name. Use pairs together or mix and match from the entire collection. However paired, these patterns will always work together in a setting.

Daucus Carota
Alchemilla Vulgaris
Lady's Mantle
Rosa Rugosa
Alchillea Millefolium
Monarda Didyma