The Polaris Slingshot custom vinyl retail flooring started out with a non-disclosure agreement and complete secrecy. We were not told much of anything about the project other than it was for dealer displays throughout the country. We were not even told who the manufacturer was much less the product.

Design Ideas

The design ideas started with a custom vinyl floor mat that was 7’6” x 17” in size. We were provided a dimension to place a rectangular box in the middle of the mat. Then told that it was motorsport related so we got to work.

Once the ideation began we landed on a road theme. Then came the hard part of do we have just a road, a road with some vegetation on the sides, a background to provide dimension, etc. Our designer presented approximately 6 – 8 different design ideas to kickstart the conversation. Eventually we landed on a quality blacktop road with a double yellow center line. The key was realism so the asphalt loots real and the striping is to Department of Transportation specifications.


Once approved we were provided the order quantity which required some extra logistical consideration. The production team got started and over the course of a couple of months proceeded to produce, individually wrap and palletize the products for shipment to a merchandising company.


With the size and quantity, it took a staggered five full truckloads to deliver all our custom printed vinyl retail flooring mats to the merchandiser. They were then matched with the rest of the products and sent out to some 500 dealers nationwide.

Yes, late in the project we learned who and what the product was but under NDA so a very few were aware of what the project was for and not even the production team. In the end the project was a huge success and demonstrated our ability to deliver on even the largest projects.

Polaris Vinyl Retail Flooring Installs
Polaris Slingshot 1.3
Slingshot 3
Slingshot Parking Pad 2
Custom Printed Graphic Vinyl  Slingshot Display Mats
Slingshot Parking Pad 1
Polaris Slingshot 1.2