Scrap Exhibit

We recently had the good fortune to work with Imaginality Designs in Minneapolis to work on a small mat for an exhibit at the Tychman Shapiro Gallery & Shared Walls Exhibition. 

Imaginality Designs came up with a simple yet stunning cobbled stone pattern for the floor. This mat was 9' wide and 20' long in a simple single piece so that the site could just roll it out over the existing carpet. They then wheeled in this great cart to sit on top of it. 

The final floor uses our 75-mil printed vinyl museum flooring, digitally printed on the underside, and a nice satin finish top coat. We think that the exhibit would have not been the same had the cart just been sitting on the exhibit carpeting. To make things even better for this exhibit is our vinyl is recyclable meaning it can be cut up and taken to your recycling service when you are done. 

Isn't it time that you elevate your exhibits to the next level?