AquaTread Marine Flooring

AquaTread® is the most durable marine flooring available for boaters in the recreational marine industry. Our flooring is created out of composite polyvinyl, meaning it won’t peel apart or snag. It has superb moisture protection and will not mold or crack under any weather condition.

AquaTread® offers supreme graphic capabilities with improved clarity, resolution, and substantial UV resistance. Printed underneath the polyvinyl, not on top or in between. Because of this crucial difference, the images cannot be scratched off or damaged by heavy traffic.

The advanced topcoat provides additional UV and surface protection, so our high-quality images last far longer.  We offer over 19 stunning patterns and colors, designed to look like authentic wood grain patterns, teak, leather, and also offer custom options, giving you the sharpest quality flooring available to the market.

AquaTread® marine flooring is slip resistant and UV stable for long term sun exposure. Equipped with a unique spun bound backing, AquaTread® easily absorbs flooring imperfections, installs to any substrate and leaves you with a more cushioned feel. Spend more time enjoying your boat and less time maintaining it with easy care AquaTread® boat flooring.

Features of Marine Flooring
  • Ultra-Durable Polyvinyl – Handles the heaviest traffic and will not crack, flake, chip, rot or peel
  • Superb Moisture Protection – Seamless and impermeable solid polyvinyl; water cannot penetrate the deck
  • Seamless Beauty and Durability – No seams, no joints for the ultimate beauty in boat floors that won’t fail at seam points
  • UV Stable – Protects from harmful sun rays; holds color long-term
  • Quick and Easy Clean up – Non-porous surface allows for easy cleanup of salts, fishing scents, oils, and gas without harsh scrubbing

Why AquaTread?

AquaTread® is proudly made in the USA and serves as the leading, ultra-durable, seamless, UV-stable polyvinyl flooring brand for boat manufacturers in the recreational marine industry. In multiple colors and patterns, our lay-flat, trim to fit, easy to install, seamless, joint-free boat flooring offers superior durability.

AquaTread® provides unmatched protection with its slip resistant finishes for added safety and offers a soft backing for a padded walk on the fore and aft. You create your own custom look from an array of available designs and our flooring resists odors and stains. AquaTread® boat flooring is the perfect finishing touch to your boat.

Marine Flooring At Its Best
  • Quick and Easy Installation – Lay flat characteristics; cuts cleanly
  • Trim to Fit – Custom sized cut rolls means less waste, easier handling
  • Slip Resistant and Flame Retardant – Promotes safer boating experience
  • Avoid Odor and Stains — Resistant to oils, gas, fish scents, suntan oil and other spills and scents common to watercraft
  • Cost effective solution for updating and customization
  • Manufactured in the USA

AquaTread® Imaged Pontoon Flooring makes it so affordable and easy to transform your boat into the watercraft of your dreams. Choose from our array of patterns and colors; designed to give the appearance of real wood, without the cost. We print underneath the polyvinyl, not on top or in between, so images stay sharp and damage-free. Avoid costly installation alternatives; AquaTread® just roll-outs and fit to your boat’s dimensions so you’ll be enjoying fun in the sun with your worry-free, hassle-free deck flooring for years to come.

  • Width:  8' 6"
  • Length:  Up to 75 feet
  • Surface Texture:  Levant
  • Purchase Lengths:  5 foot minimum, then increment of 1 lineal foot
  • Wear Layer:  75 mil (1.9 mm)
  • Warranty:  5 Year Limited (BLT)
AquaTread Marine Flooring: Surfside Collection
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Light Grey Unraveled
Light Grey Unraveled
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Light Grey Waves
Light Grey Waves
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Light Tan CC
Light Tan CC
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Light Tan Unraveled
Light Tan Unraveled
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Sateen Dark Brown
Sateen Dark Brown
AquaTread Marine Flooring: Sea Breeze Collection
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Bermuda
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Empire
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Pampas
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Seashore
AquaTread Marine Flooring: Coral Reef Collection
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Baltic Brown
Baltic Brown
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Bronze
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Buff
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Caramel Latte
Caramel Latte
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Earth
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Graphite
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Harley
AquaTread Marine Flooring - London Fog
London Fog
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Ocean
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Pewter
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Shabby Chic
Shabby Chic
AquaTread Marine Flooring - Tuxedo
AquaTread Vinyl Marine Flooring Examples