Solid Marine Floor Collection

Manufactured to resist sun-damaging UV rays and act as a water barrier, our boat flooring retains its color and beauty, even under the harshest environments and uses. Oils and spills clean up easily and AquaTread® locks out unpleasant maritime odors, so all you’ll smell is the great outdoors.

Maintaining your boat and its appearance take a lot of time and work. With AquaTread® boat flooring, you can be assured your boat floor will be protected from wood rot, common odors and stains, and the harsh UV rays. Proudly made in the USA. Long-lasting durability, a slip resistant finish, and easy to clean material, you will find yourself with more time to enjoy your boat, rather than maintaining it.

AquaTread® comes in standard widths of 8 ft 6 in, and custom lengths, up to 75 feet

AquaTread Solid Color Collection
Welded Light Tan Boat Flooring

Welded Light Tan

Welded Light Grey Boat Flooring

Welded Light Grey

Welded Buckskin Boat Flooring

Welded Buckskin

Solid Collection
AquaTread Solid Pontoon Flooring
  • Ultra-Durable Polyvinyl
  • Superb Moisture Protection
  • Seamless Beauty and Durability 
  • UV Stable
  • Quick and Easy Installation - Trim to Fit
  • Slip Resistant and Flame Retardant 
  • Avoid Odor and Stains
  • Manufactured in the USA