Ford Motors

What can we say about Ford Motor Company. When they decide to create a custom printed vinyl trade show floor they sure know how to make a statement. 

For the 2018 Consumer Electronics Trade Show (CES) they went all in a created a city to showcase their products. Their keynote speaker Jim Hackett, President & CEO was about the state of self-driving. New technologies and innovations allow us to share resources that have never been possible before. 

To bring the entire solution together what better way than to create a city to showcase Ford’s new technology to improve people’s lifestyle. A total redesign of the surface technology is at the heart of their move.

As you look at the custom printed vinyl trade show flooring we simply cannot imagine this coming together any better. Instead try to image this on carpet, hardwood or some other flooring and we hope you will agree it would just not be the same.

Durable enough to drive one certainly. Vibrant, colorful and customizable for sure. More importantly our custom printed vinyl trade show flooring completes the experiential exhibit. We are pleased to have helped bring their “Living Street” to life. Just another reason we are Steps Beyond the Ordinary!

Ford Printed Vinyl Trade Show Flooring
Ford CES 2018.8
Ford CES 2018.3
Ford CES 2018.4
Ford CES 2018.5
Ford CES 2018.7
Ford CES 2018.9