DigiPrint HD Floor Mats (LM-0073)

DigiPrint HD indoor mats print near picture quality images on 32 oz. Nylon carpet. With the unique manufacturing process there’s virtually no combination of colors that cannot be printed. Amazing clarity and precision of these personalized indoor floor mats become a beautiful part of an office building. Mats are also certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for “high traction.”

Mats are specially designed to withstand heavy floor traffic and other abuse. Your logo will look as good as ever thanks to the industrial strength of our indoor floor mats. These mats provide the perfect combination of quality and price that make them one of our best sellers.

  • High Traffic Indoor Use
  • Revolutionary, HD digital printing
  • 10 times the resolution of previously available products
  • Extremely plush carpet
  • Treated with StainStopper™
  • Easy to clean! Vacuum or steam clean
  • Fully launderable

Standard Sizes Available

Mat Size Finished Mat Size Mat Size Finished Mat Size
2' x 3'  24" x 35" 4' x 8'  45" x 95"
3' x 4'  35" x 47" 5' x 8 59" x 95"
3' x 5'  35" x 59" 5' x 10' 59" x 119"
3' x 10'  35" x 119" 6' x 10' 68" x 119"
4' x 6'  45" x 69" 6' x 12' 68" x 143"

Mat Specifications

  • Overall Thickness: 5/16"
  • Yarn: Continuous Filament Type 6, 6 Nylon Yarn
  • Carpet Weight: 32 oz./sq.yd. – Static Dissipative
  • Borders: Nitrile Rubber
  • Backing: Nitrile Rubber

Design Specifications

DigiPrint HD logo mats are produced using a layering process of color. Colors are typically matched to our standard color palette of over 150 colors unless a specific coated PMS color is requested. We will do our very best to match a PMS color while producing our mats however, color matching can be challenging.

Although we can get very close, color is never an exact science and variations will occur. An absolute exact color match is vulnerable to many factors. One factor is that we are printing on white, nylon carpet.

Another factor is that we use a hot press to combine the carpet and rubber backing. The heat from the press often causes the color to lighten. Typically, we can get close to most PMS colors, but the final color may be a few shades off. For the PMS color to be as close as possible, we require additional time to create the proof sketch.

  • Minimum Text Height: 1" Serif fonts & 1/2" Sans Serif fonts (includes lower case text)
  • Minimum Line Thickness: 1/8". White & light colors should be at least 1/4"

The text requirements are for general use; however, special fonts and very thin letter forms may need to be made larger or thicker and will be approached on a case-by-case basis.

Light background colors should be avoided due to their tendency to show dirt on the mat more than a darker or neutral tone. We also advise against the use of screens, tints and transparencies in the design because they are not easily converted to our color pallet.


Please note that mat sizes are not exact. For finished sizes, please reference each product page or your price list. Please allow a 3-5% size variance in all finished sizes.

Different designs, sizes, orientations and products cannot be combined for higher quantity break pricing.

150 Vibrant HD Colors

Standard Colors & PMS Equivalents

DigiPrint HD - 8
DigiPrint HD - 2
DigiPrint HD - 4
DigiPrint HD - 5
DigiPrint HD - 6
DigiPrint HD - Edge Profile 1
DigiPrint HD - 5
150 Vibrant Colors

With 150 vibrant colors used to print your mats we are confident you will see incredible results.