Indoor & Covered Outdoor Floor Mats

Our indoor/covered outdoor matting selection features mats designed to keep floors safe and entrances beautiful. When placed strategically at entrances they can help reduce accidents and keep cleaning costs down. But these indoor door mats aren’t just for function; they are also visually stunning. With imprint options that include: spot-color flocking, injection dye printing, and digital 4-color direct print, we have a mat for any logo no matter how complex.

Indoor & Covered Outdoor Entrance Mats
HD Nylon Dye Twist Mats

High Definition logomats give a very powerful statement with the true photographic quality it offers. At almost 10 times the resolution of regular nylon dye mats it gives any logo the prestige it needs. With unlimited color options available you will receive an elegant, durable, and functional mat that will last. Once the dye is set the image will not fade or wear.

Nylon Dye Plush Floor Mats

These logomats combine elegance, durability and functionality. A digital injection dye process where the carpet fibers are permanently dyed in the desired image. A variety of color combinations and gradation imaging is available. Once the dye is set the image will not fade or wear.

Nylon Dye Twist Floor Mats

The Nylon Dye Twist is a carpet-style mat consisting of 20 oz. nylon twisted yarn. The logo rugs are designed for moderate traffic indoor use and feature an injection dye imprint process. Up to 8 imprint colors of imprint and includes complete coverage for imprint and background. Injection process dyes carpet fibers creating a fade resistant imprint. 

Flocked Olefin Floor Mats

Give your floors that extra pizzazz with Olefin custom logo mats. Our Olefin mat is a popular promotional product due to its favorable pricing and crisp flocked images. Ideal for 1-3 (spot) color designs. Nylon flock is permanently embedded into the mat’s surface creating strong visual effects with a slightly raised imprint.

Flocked Camelot Floor Mats

The Flocked Camelot’s smooth, ribbed polypropylene surface makes this an ideal mat for flocking or screen printing. It is long-wearing and provides an attractive addition to any setting. Great for indoor or covered entrances like a business or retail store. This custom printed logo mat will enhance brand awareness and give any entrance a face lift.

Flocked Diamondback Mats

Dress up any entrance or location with this upscale, multi-directional Berber pattern mat. While showing an eye-catching spot colored logo, this mat is also very functional. This custom matting keeps debris and moisture from getting tracked indoors.

Flocked Faux Coir Floor Mats

Our synthetic version of the Coco Brush mat is made from solution-dyed polypropylene fibers that are shed-free, mold, mildew, and stain resistant. This custom outdoor matting is backed with heavy-duty vinyl making it a perfect entrance mat for both retail and residential industries.

Flocked Cocoa Brush Mats

The attractive, traditional Cocoa mat provides superior brushing action. This all-natural custom indoor/covered outdoor door mat is excellent in areas where there is dirt, debris and moderate traffic.

Screen Printed Camelot Mats

This outdoor door mat is constructed of a smooth-ribbed polypropylene surface bonded to a heavy-duty vinyl backing. Screen printed mats are great for giveaway programs, apartment complexes and banks.