Flocked Floor Mats

Flocked Camelot Rug
Flocked Camelot Floor Mat

The Flocked Camelot’s smooth, ribbed polypropylene surface is long-wearing and provides an attractive addition to any setting. Great for indoor or covered entrances like a business or retail store. This custom printed logo mat will enhance brand awareness and give any entrance a face lift.

Flocked Cocoa Brush
Flocked Coco Brush Floor Mat

The attractive, traditional Coco mat provides superior brushing action. This all-natural custom indoor/covered outdoor door mat is excellent in areas where there is dirt, debris and moderate traffic.

Flocked Faux Coir In Use
Flocked Faux Coir Floor Mat

Our synthetic version of the Coco Brush mat is made from solution-dyed polypropylene fibers that are shed-free, mold, mildew, and stain resistant. This custom outdoor matting is backed with heavy-duty vinyl making it a perfect entrance mat for both retail and residential industries.

Flocked Diamondback
Flocked Diamondback Floor Mat

Dress up any entrance or location with this upscale, multi-directional Berber pattern mat. While showing an eye-catching spot colored logo, this mat is also very functional. This custom matting keeps debris and moisture from getting tracked indoors.