Counter, Table & Bar Mats

It's never been easier to showcase your brand. Custom counter, table and bar mats are designed to keep spaces clean and dry while displaying beautiful, eye-catching graphics. The most popular counter mat is the Molded Bar mat made of 100% vinyl PVC. Constructed from custom molds and built to last – a great addition to any bar or restaurant setting. Permanent or removable table top mats introduce promotional or gaming flexibility. 

Molded Bar Mats

Our custom bar mats, made with poured vinyl, are uniquely designed to catch your customer’s eye. Custom molds provide vibrant colors and cutting-edge details to the designs. These mats are perfect for any bar setting.

For bar and club owners, using custom bar mats, or spill mats, is a smart choice for a number of reasons. They offer a great way to protect your bar counter while adding style and pizzazz to your establishment. Adding a logo or custom message is a fantastic way to market either your own business or to engage in cross-promotional marketing with other companies.

Dye Sub Classic In Use
Dye Sub Classic Floor Mats

Grab attention to any POP display with these eye-catching, 4-color process counter and bar mats. Dye sub mats offer exceptional print quality that brings your in-store advertising to life. Using special dyes, designs are printed onto paper and then are transferred onto the mat’s surface, leaving brilliant colorful visuals. The smooth polyester surface provides a crisp, vivid image.

Vinyl Table & Counter Mats

You spend a lot of time and energy to make sure you have the perfect setting for your customers. Have you considered how much square footage there is on your table tops? Have you considered the value of marketing in this space? 

Graphic Image Flooring provides you with the perfect way to speak to your guests right on the tables. Our mats are very different than the stickers you may have been introduced to. We offer thick 35 mil and 75 mil durable vinyl in either a stick on or a removable nonskid backer.