Molded Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

The Only Molded Vinyl Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat on the Market!

Put your brand in front of customers at just the right time—the point of purchase—with multi-colored molded vinyl anti-fatigue floor mats that help you stand out. Every poly vinyl mat we make is unique, just like every client we serve. You’ll always get the highest quality and a quick turnaround, whether you need one mat, a few dozen, or several thousand. And unlike rubber mats, our poly vinyl mats are moisture resistant, chemical resistant, and come in a wide variety of eye-catching colors.

Back of Molded Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
Molded Integrated Graphic Benefits
  • Mats deliver significantly added durability with fully integrated designs
  • No surface inks - graphics are molded right in
  • Mats are 5/8" and slope down to just 1/4" at the edges
  • 100% made in the USA
  • No minimum: From 1 to Thousands
  • Mold charge is required per design ($495.00)
  • Available in 24" x 36"
Molded Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat in Use 1
Sketchers Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
Molded Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat In Use 2
Sketchers Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat 1