Bond at Brickel

The Bond Brickell children's playroom was a fun little product. This is a luxury high-rise building located in Miami Florida. As with many of our projects we worked directly with a flooring store and installer located in the market. They needed a lot of assistance to come up with just the right design for the space.

The Idea:

The real idea behind the custom printed vinyl floor was to bring the outside in but leave the critters outside. Through a little discussion we settled in on the cobbled stone look that provided the kids with a visual to play in and create their own paths.

The Result:

The artwork itself was a smaller but high-quality image that our designer then tiled or repeated out toe full size of the space. This ensures that the quality of the image met standards and delivered beyond the customers expectations. We want of images to be at 150 dpi at full size so that we can routinely surpass expectations. The customer was delighted with their custom printed commercial vinyl flooring and with our finished roll sizes of up to 10’ seams were kept to a minimum.