Recyclable Floor?

Did You Know Our Graphic Image Flooring® Floors Are #3 Recyclable Plastic!

Although there are other products easier to recycle, the vinyl industry is addressing vinyl recycling with forward-looking initiatives. Vinyl is recyclable and has been for decades. PVC and Plastic #3 get melted down and repurposed in hundreds of second-generation products. A recent survey sponsored by The Vinyl Institute found some 1 billion+ pounds of pre-and post-consumer vinyl recycled annually, and that continues to grow leaps and bounds every year.

In addition to being completely recyclable, Graphic Image Flooring® products are made without heavy fillers and foams. Combine that with the thickest wear-layer in the world, Graphic Image Flooring is a floor that is guaranteed to outlast and outperform any other polyvinyl product that is produced.

Just one more reason to trust in custom printed vinyl flooring and why we are Steps Beyond the Ordinary!