4 Best Customized Vinyl Flooring Options with Design Pool Predesigned Patterns

Vinyl flooring is becoming more popular with its ease of installation and range of design options. Graphic Image Flooring has recently become proud partners with Design Pool to offer more innovative, customized flooring options for our customers. Here are four of the best customized vinyl flooring options using Design Pool predesigned patterns to revitalize your space. 

Go Rustic with Wood

Reclaimed wood works well for rustic and modern decors. Faux wood vinyl patterns made from recycled products look like natural wood in an eco-friendly way. There are several customized vinyl flooring options using Design Pool predesigned patterns that are affordable and easy to maintain. 

Texture with Stone Patterned Vinyl 

Stone flooring is a timeless classic, but real stone can be expensive. Stone patterned vinyl from Design Pool predesigned patterns are an economical choice in customized flooring options. For a natural look, there are a variety of designs imitating everything from pebbles to sandy beaches. 

Live in Luxury with Faux Leather Vinyl

Leather flooring is the pinnacle of underfoot luxury for any room. However, genuine leather can be impractical because of expense and maintenance upkeep. You can choose customized faux leather Design Pool predesigned patterns at a more affordable cost.

Express Yourself with Novelty Designs

Novelty vinyl flooring options with Design Pool predesigned patterns bring fun to any space, from a botanical garden to birdhouses for your kitchen. Decorate a young child’s bedroom or daycare with animal patterns. Create a stunning office space with diamond calligraphy. The choices are only limited by your imagination! 

Interested in Design Pool Predesigned Patterns?

If you are looking for stunning customized vinyl flooring options for your home or business, Graphic Image Flooring is ready to assist you. We can recommend the best Design Pool predesigned patterns for your space. Contact us to get started on your next custom vinyl flooring project today.