Baron Design

Do you travel frequently for smaller trade shows? Are you tired of looking like everyone else? Are you tired of wasting money on expensive "rented" carpet?

These were some of the comments and questions for Andrew with Design & Layout Services when seeking an option to upgrade their look. Andrew objectives were clear;

  • Reduce trade show exhibit costs
  • Reduce shipping and handling costs
  • Stand out in the crowd

Graphic Image Flooring Solution was simple, cost effective and straightforward.

Design a reusable vinyl floor in 3 sections. Each piece is 35" x 114" to be placed within a 10' x 10' typical booth space

All 3 pieces can be rolled in to a single tube for shipping via FedEx or UPS. With a total weight of approximately 65 lbs. Shipping is not a killer and can be easily shipped ground or express. (Can also be packaged in 3 tubes of about 18 lbs.)

Roll is small enough at approximately 40" x 8" round to be a checked package on airlines. Also fits easily in most vehicles if you are driving

Set up just takes a few minutes to roll out and allow the vinyl to relax. Did we mention that each has a non-skid backer, so they will not go anywhere!

Baron Designs Trade Show Floor 2