AquaTread Marine Flooring: Adhesive

G-Floor® Marine & Outdoor Adhesive

Now that you’ve chosen G-Floor®, the innovator in the polyvinyl flooring market, don’t settle for an adhesive that isn’t tailored specifically for your unique G-Floor product – select G-Floor® Marine & Outdoor Adhesive for permanent installation.

Available in 1 gallon or 4 gallon buckets. Specifically formulated for G-Floor flooring for permanent installation on wood substrates. Strong bond in 1 hour. Interior/Exterior, water-based.

If you prefer to permanently bond your G-Floor polyvinyl flooring atop a plywood substrate, G-Floor Marine & Outdoor Adhesive is the only choice to guarantee your floor looks its absolute best after it is installed. This specially-formulated adhesive is a high-strength, water-based, UV-stable bond that can be used indoors or outdoors for a multitude of applications (decks, trailers, mobile units, kitchens, offices, etc.). It can also be used to permanently install carpet squares.

G-Floor Marine & Outdoor Adhesive permanently bonds in about 1 hour. A 1 gallon container will cover a 150-200 sq. ft. area and the larger 4 gallon adhesive will cover up to 800 sq. ft. for a bond that lasts, G-Floor Marine & Outdoor Adhesive is the best option for your G-Floor and beyond.


  • GARAGE - Tough Enough to Drive a Car On, Long-Lasting Protection, Waterproof, Weatherproof, Chemical-Proof
  • BASEMENT / RECREATIONAL ROOM - Prevents Concrete and Subfloor Deterioration, Insulating, Sound Buffer, Waterproof
  • RETAIL - Welcoming, Low-Maintenance, Safe, Heavy-Duty Under Heavy Use
  • KITCHEN & BATH - Easy to Install, Easy to Clean, Stylish, Cushioned, Moisture and Stain Resistant
  • UTILITY ROOM - Functional, Durable, Attractive, DIY Installation, Easy Care
  • GYM - Works Hard Where You Workout, Easy Storage, Roll-Out Mats
  • KENNEL - Protects from Stains, Urine, Droppings, Mud, Scratches and Mischief, Pet-Friendly
  • HEALTHCARE - Safe, Healthy, Hygienic, Outperforms Under Heavy Equipment and Excessive Movement
  • RECREATIONAL VEHICLE FLOORING - OEM, Travel Enthusiasts, Withstands Mother Nature for Thousands of Miles
  • EMERGENCY VEHICLE FLOORING - Safety for Fire, Medical, Police; Protects Subfloor from Equipment, Chemicals, Bodily Fluids, Stains
  • EDUCATION - Smart Choice, Passes the Test of Time, Multipurpose, Inspiring Patterns and Textures