Splatterguard Drip Mats

Absorbent splatterguard™ Drip Mats are very lightweight and constructed of a unique fiber top and have a durable vinyl backing to help prevent and protect surfaces from splatter stains, slow leaks and small spills of all kinds.

Available in:

  • 5 appealing Garage Series designs: Checkerboard, Bushed Metal, Midnight Granite Speck, Small Coin and Digital Green Camo
  • 5 beautiful Nature Series designs: Stacked Stone, River Rock, Barn Wood, Grass and Leaves
splatterguard DGC_Life_L_Home_001
  • Great absorbency for splatter stains, slow leaks and small spills (not intended for large spills)
  • Decorative, eye catching, aesthetically-appealing designs to fit any space
  • Helps prevent staining and discoloration of floors and other surfaces
  • Multi-purpose
  • Lightweight & Repositionable
  • Keeps items from rolling or sliding
  • Universal fit – easily cuts with scissors to fit without fraying or tearing
  • Easy to clean – simply sweep with broom or vacuum
  • Affordable & economical to replace – don’t clean; just dispose of soiled drip mat and change out with a new one

How It Works!

splatterguard™ Drip Mats are ideal for containing oil, anti-freeze, transmission and brake fluids, gasoline and other slow leaks from vehicles, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, etc., or for protecting the tops of workstations, tool benches, potting tables and more. In the home, splatterguard™ is perfect for under the sink, under dog dishes or cat litter boxes, under plants or at all doors to catch muddy shoe and paw prints!

  • 24" x 24" splatterguard 5 pack - $29.99
    • Garage 5-pack (1 Each; Checkerboard, Brushed Metal, Midnight Granite Speck, Small Coin, Digital Green Camo)
    • Nature 5-pack (1 Each; Stacked Stone, River Rock, Barn Wood, Grass, Leaves)
  • 34" x 52" splatterguard
    • 1 pack - $24.99
    • 2 pack - $39.99
  • 34" x 120" splatterguard
    • 1 pack - $39.99
    • 2 pack - $64.99
  • Excludes Shipping
splatterguard layers
Garage Series
spatterguard GarageBM_Swatch_001

Brushed Metal

splatterguard GarageCB_Swatch_001


splatterguard GarageDGC_Swatch_001

Digital Green Camo

splatterguard GarageMGS_Swatch_001

Midnight Granite Speck

splatterguard GarageSC_Swatch_24x24

Small Coin

Nature Series
splatterguard NatureBW_Swatch_001

Barn Wood

splatterguard NatureGR_Swatch_001


splatterguard NatureLV_Swatch_001


splatterguard NatureRR_Swatch_001

River Rock

splatterguard NatureSS_Swatch_001

Stacked Stone