Event (Swisstrax)

SEMA Hotchkis Booth

Lasting Investment

  • Showcasing your brand is an investment, don’t waste your event budget on low-quality flooring.
  • The premium, long-lasting & durable modular floor solution  transforming your customer experience.

Superior Design

  • A portable floor that's easy to assemble, disassemble & conveniently transport to tradeshows or exhibits..
  • Customize your floor with a variety of colors, patterns, tiles styles or even add custom graphics!

Ultimate Protection

  • Swisstrax tiles are ultra thick, made with extra connectors for added protection
  • Swisstrax tiles come with a warranty up to 15 years.
Just A Few Swisstrax Tile Options
Ribtrax Smooth Trade Show Flooring In Use
Ribtrax Smooth Tiles

SMOOTH VERSITILITY. Ribtrax® Smooth is an innovative new addition to our most popular tile style and features the appeal of a smooth and even surface. From garages, pools, patios, to athletic courts, special event floors and more, it has never been easier to transform your space with a Swisstrax flooring solution.

Graphictrax with John Deere Logo & Vinyltrax
Graphictrax Tiles

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Choose from thousands of images, patterns, colors, or provide your own for a custom tile made to withstand the demands of both residential and commercial environments. Commercial grade vinyl takes your floor to the next level. It’s never been easier to personalize your style or promote your brand.

Logotrax Tiles

A LASTING IMPRESSION. Every Logotrax® tile is a custom work of craftsmanship helping your name stand out in the crowd. Provide the logo and we’ll transform it into a bold flooring addition. It’s never been easier to brand your showroom, garage, trade show booth or event floor with a premium, commercial grade modular flooring solution.

Ribtrax Tile Event Modular Floor SEMA Achilles Radial
Ribtrax Tiles

FORM MEETS FUNCTION. Ribtrax® is a revolutionary tile that combines eye-catching design with unmatched functionality. The most versatile and durable tile style in the collection. It’s never been easier to transform your showroom, garage, trade show booth or event floor with a premium, commercial grade modular flooring.

Vinytrax Example
Vinyltrax Tiles

SLEEK. BOLD. DURABLE. Vinyltrax® offers realistic hardwood grains and patterns, polished stones, diamond place all with legendary Swisstrax performance. It’s never been easier to transform your showroom, garage, trade show booth or event floor with a premium, commercial grade vinyl flooring solution.

Carpetrax Tiles Event Flooring Installed
Carpetrax Tiles

NOT YOUR TYPICAL CARPET. It’s never been faster or easier to install plush, premium carpet on any floor. Luxuriously soft texture with 100% soft nylon and warm carpet colors that will bring comfort and style to your home, office or event. Available in 3 colors. Combine colors or mix with different tile styles to showcase your style.

Incredible Swisstrax Modular Flooring Installations
SEMA-Rugged Ridge-VT
Rugged Ridge

Vinyltrax Tiles

SEMA-Bed Wood and Parts-VT,RT,LT
Bed Wood and Parts

Vinyltrax & Graphictrax Tiles

RCD Suspension Booth - SEMA - RT
RCD Suspension

Ribtrax Tiles

K & N Booth-RT
K & N Mothers

Ribtrax Tiles

Holley MSD Booth - Ribtrax
Holley MSD

Ribtrax Tiles

Extreme Outback Products
Extreme Outback Products

Ribtrax Tiles

CAS Graphic With Orange AVS Supercharged Car
CAS Graphic

Ribtrax & Graphictrax Tiles

BNP-Audi Car Pad Display
BNP Audi Car Pad Display

Ribtrax Tiles

Gorgeous Vinyltrax Event
Gorgeous Vinyltrax Event

Vinyltrax Tiles

Popular Trade Show Display Sizes:

  Tile Dimensions With Edges & Corners Tiles Edges (Looped/Pegged) Corners
10' x 10' 9’ 2” x 9’ 2” 9’ 7” x 9’ 7” 49 14 / 14 4
10' x 15' 9’ 2” x 14’ 5” 9’ 7” x 14’ 10” 77 18 / 18 4
10' x 20' 9’ 2” x 19’ 8” 9’ 7” x 20’ 1” 105 22 / 22 4
10' x 30' 9’ 2” x 28’ 8” 9’ 7” x 29’ 1” 154 29 / 29 4
20' x 20' 19’ 8” x 19’ 8” 20’ 1” x 20’ 1” 225 30  / 30 4

Display pads often used for Trade Show and Event flooring as well as Retail displays do not require any cutting. Typical installation time is between 15 - 45 minutes.