Graphic Pro Modular Tiles

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Choose from thousands of images, patterns, colors, or provide your own for a custom tile made to withstand the demands of both residential and commercial environments. It’s never been easier to personalize your style, or promote your brand.

The Graphic Pro Modular tile system is one of the most unique graphic displays available today. Utilizing a special base tray out vinyl print printed and then adhered in individual tiles or larger graphics. The tiles have a compression strength of 1,250 psi and the vinyl is rated at 1,000 psi. No other system has this combination of strength and flexibility. 

Patented base design with 1/4” built in support system that also maximizes airflow. Closed profile “peel and stick” custom graphic inlay can easily be replaced or re-branded should it need be. 

Like with most of our vinyl flooring solutions your file is completely custom to you. It is printed on the underside of a 1.9 mm thick clear vinyl and nothing is laminated other than the adhesive after printing. 

Graphictrax Extreme Garage Show Floor
Graphictrax (Custom Brick Print)
NASCAR Graphictrax


  • Select from a single tile or multiple tiles together for a larger look.
  • Incredible 5,120 psi compression strength and up to 70,000 lbs. of rollover weight.
  • Four-point injection mold base construction ensuring the most even and thorough material distribution.
  • A unique design allows you to quickly install the floor covering as well as disassemble and move anywhere


  • Material: Tile Base: Polypropylene copolymer
  • Tile Surface: 100% Commercial grade vinyl (1.9 mm thick)
  • Tile Size: 15.75" x 15.75" x 0.75"
  • Weight:   2.40 lbs.
  • Temperature Tolerances: -22°F to +248°F
  • Warranty: 15 Years  for Base Only

For free standing displays you will need and combination of pegged and looped edges along with your corners. 

Unfortunately we are not able to reprint trademarked images unless you have the release to do so or own the brand. 

Modular Displays Made Easy