Social Distancing

Graphic Image Flooring has long been a leader in custom digitally printed vinyl flooring. Did you know that we also provide one of the most durable floor graphics available as well? Our 35 mil or 0.9 mm thick vinyl is printed on the underside and then we add either a nonskid backer or a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to create the decal. 

Competitive decals have a wear layer that is typically around 5 - 8 mil thick only. This is why they are designed to last only weeks and not months as with our. Don't just trust us hit the link to see it in action. Decal Video

Beyond decals we also offer an incredible selection of floor mats. These are the perfect non-confrontational way to inform your visitors or customers how seriously you take protecting them and your team. With floor mats you can also move them around as needed and traffic patterns change. 

Let us help you customize your message with a complete floor messaging system. From just a few decals and mats to hundreds of each we are here to support you. All with our still short lead times of around 5 business days. Reach out to the Graphic Image Flooring team for all your floor messaging needs. 

Corona Mat / Social Distancing Decal Options
Social Distancing Circle 1

Do Your Part - 6 Feet Apart

Social Distancing Circle 2

Practice Social Distancing

Social Distancing Stop Sign 1

Social Distancing Stop Sign

Social Distancing Stop Sign 2

Social Distancing Stop Sign

Social Distancing Square 1

Social Distancing - 6 Feet Apart

Social Distancing Square 2

Practice Social Distancing

Social Distancing Square 3

Mask Required to Enter Store

Social Distancing Rectangle 1

Maintain Social Distancing

Social Distancing Rectangle 2

Stay Safe 6' Apart

Social Distancing Rectangle 3

Mask Required to Enter Building

Social Distancing Rectangle 4

Mask Required to Enter

Corona Mat / Social Distancing Floor Mat Options
Face Covering DigiPrint HD Mat

Face Covering DigiPrint HD Mat

Entry One Person Only 3035570

Entry One Person Only


Social Distancing


Maintain Social Distancing


Stay Safe Social Distancing


Practice Social Distancing


Social Distancing Stop Sign


Masks Required for Entry


Masks Required for Entry


Masks Required for Entry


Maintain Social Distancing